I am a trained, qualified and registered psychotherapist offering support for the following areas:


Parenting can be very highly rewarding and at times unbelievably difficult and worrying.

Sometimes we are unsure if our children are developing or behaving within their ‘normal’ age group and it can feel like something is going wrong.  Often reassurance is important.

I can offer a fully confidential consultation for you to air your concerns or difficulties, and work toward a resolution.

Sometimes other services may be of value to you and your family – I will refer or make recommendations depending upon your situation.

Infant Wellbeing

Our baby’s and preschoolers depend on us for all of their needs – physical, social, emotional, learning and medical.  Most importantly our relationship with our young children is fundamental to their future well being.  If your relationship with your baby or child is not feeling “right” for either of you, then it may need some careful attention.

I often talk to parents who have felt that something went wrong between them and perhaps one of their children.  It is sometimes hard to pinpoint, and to share or talk about.  It challenges every social message that we should just love all our children equally, and know instinctively how to parent them.

The younger your child, the more vulnerable you BOTH are to the stress of feeling things aren’t “quite right”.  I can support parents through this distress.

Children & Youth

If you have concerns about your child, teen or young adult then I can offer my confidential service to assess the difficulties and help find resolution.  The intervention will depend on you, you family, and the nature of your worry.

You may like to phone me to discuss your concern in the first instance.

Family Therapy

I have completed a Postgraduate training in Family Therapy and now have over 20 years experience in working with family’s.

This model of working with everyone in your family fits well in certain circumstances.  I have found that sharing issues of grief and loss can be very helpful and supportive to the youngest and the oldest in a family.  The same is often true of a shared trauma such as an accident, or when parents have decided to separate.

When your concerns are more behaviourally based then meeting together once or twice can improve communication and highlight the impact some behaviour is having on the family unit as a whole.  Creative solutions are also often found by talking to all of your family together.

Meetings can happen in my Office, at your home, or in another setting of your choice.

Depression, grief and anxiety

How do you reach out and ask for support when you are feeling totally miserable,  shut down, and closed off from others?  For those who struggle with depression and/or anxiety it will be a very familiar dilemma – the very thing you need to reach out for feels the hardest to do.

I am happy to take a first point of contact from an email or a text and will follow up from this.

Employer Assistance schemes can pay for 3 sessions to get started.

Sometimes clients write a story to me by email and share their situation this way.

You may be referred by your GP, Mental Health worker or a Psychiatrist.

Where things are feeling totally out of control and thoughts of self harm are occurring then a referral to our Specialist Services is important.  Your safety is very important, and must be attended to in the first instance.  Emergency numbers to call 24/7 are:  Police 111, Southland and Dunedin Hospital 0800 467 846 and ask for EPS

If you would like to ask a question, or make a confidential appointment then you can contact me here