Infant/Parent Wellbeing

Your baby relies on you for every aspect of their care.  It is often scary and overwhelming.  We can have days where we feel that we have not managed to meet our baby’s needs, perhaps even that we do not understand what they need.  If this feeling is repeatedly overwhelming you it makes your parenting task even more difficult.

In the Lakes region, we are often very isolated from family support, and the high cost of living locks parents into exhausting work hours and employment contracts.

In New Zealand, we have one of the highest rates of postnatal depression (PND) in the developed world.  This adds yet another layer of difficulty for parents who are trying their best and wanting to be the best caregivers that they can.

I have Infant Mental Health ( ) expertise that helps me to assess your unique situation and support you as parents.  The nature of the support that you need will differ for every situation and every family, and our treatment plan may include support from other local agencies with your permission.

I am skilled in the FAN model of thinking and working from the Erikson Institute and Linda Gilkerson. This approach is called Facilitating Attuned Interactions, which we refer to as FAN. FAN’s ultimate goal is strengthening the provider-parent relationship, resulting in parents who are attuned to their children and ready to try new ways of relating to them.

I have completed Level One training and am completing Level Two now as a practitioner and am also involved in supervising others using the model.

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