Family Therapy

Family life has never been so busy, and probably never quite so complex.

For example, about 60 % of our 16 years old’s have been through at least one family separation and many have experienced several breakdowns.

Meeting as a family – often in your own home if this is convenient to you – can highlight issues from a family perspective.

What each member experiences and struggles with has an impact on all others.  Strengths and difficulties can be identified and solutions found that can be of benefit to all.

I have found that even the youngest in a family can have some extraordinary observations and insights to share that can motivate a family to make changes and to work toward more positive and nurturing relationships.

When family’s have experienced a trauma or loss it can be very supportive to meet together and share how things are going with the help of a neutral and professional therapist.  When parents are also distressed it is difficult to be fully aware of our children’s needs.